✨ Happy 25th Birthday, Alycia! ✨

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✨ 2 5 ✨ Y E A R S

On 20th July in 1993, a little and cute girl, was born named Alycia. Now, 25 years later, this girl has won our hearts over, has an amazing bunch of fans behind her back and continues to conquer the world with her awesome acting skills and her symphaty. Wow, 25 years, the years go too fast right? I bet that for her it looks like yesterday her life was get out from the reality in your school and go to the auditions to try to realize her dreams.

We wish her everything good, much sucess ans happiness always, even when looks like everything will go wrong. Always keep iluminating us with your special way to be, Alycia. We wish you in this day you have everything good for you and yout personal and professional life.

Health, peace and always happiness Alycia!

» No matter if sexy or a cute dork, she always stuns us. Cheers to our Leashy :cheers:

» Icons

Banner & gifs by rachel/adam
Icons by LxieGrey

Superstar | [Melissa's Singing • Performances] #2: Voice of an angel, heart on a stage.

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Melissa's Singing & Performances

Awesome Nerds
chasing the sun


The 100 News & Media #29: Only three episodes left until our next 10 year hiatus

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The 100 News & Media

^ CanIcallYouKate

Season 5 Reviews


Den of Geek
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Tell-Tale TV

Den of Geek
TV Fanatic
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Den of Geek
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AV Club


AV Club


Kneel Before Blog


Truth Be Told

the N E W S

Season 5 premiere date: April 24, 2018

the C O N S


What: La Famille Reunion 2 Paris
When: July 14, 2018
Who: Tasya Teles, Chelsey Reist, Jarod Joseph Sachin Sahel

What: London Film and Comic Con Olympia, London
When: July 27 to 29, 2018
Who: Paige Turco, Johnny Whitworth

What: Raleigh Supercon Raleigh, North Carolina
When: July 28-29, 2018
Who: Bob Morley

What: One Day in Harmony Berlin, Germany
When: July 28, 2018
Who: Chelsey Reist, Jessica Harmon

What: One Day in Harmony Vienna, Austria
When: August 4, 2018
Who: Richard Harmon, Jessica Harmon

What: Dragon Con Atlanta
When: August 30-September 3, 2018
Who: Chelsey Reist, Erica Cerra, Jessica Harmon

What: German Comic Con Munich
When: September 15 - 16, 2018
Who: Christopher Larkin, Chelsey Reist

What: Warsaw Comic Con Warsaw
When: October 26 - 28, 2018
Who: Christopher Larkin


What: Space Walkers 4 Paris, France
When: February 9 - 10, 2019
Who: Zach McGowan

What: Survival 4 London, UK
When: April 5 - 9, 2019
Who: Christopher Larkin, Chelsey Reist and Lindsey Morgan

What: Dystopia 3 Düsseldorf, Germany
When: April 12 - 14, 2019
Who: Richard Harmon, Luisa D'Oliviera

the F U T U R E T I T L E S

The 100 is one of the best genre series on TV.
The 100 careens through sci-fi subgenres, pulling them together in a single narrative that has infinite room to grow and explore.
The show, as a whole, [has] resolute exploration of the moral contradictions of governing, warfare, and survival.
The 100 has a marvelous way of diving back into the world they’ve created, throwing new stories and tying up ones with loose ends.

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Jeffrey Facial Expressions Thread #5: Because we love the,"I'm dangerous but you still wanna call me daddy' stare.

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Welcome to the JDM
Facial Expressions Thread!

The Fans
1. ♕Misha's Minion♕
2. harmony_rules
3. Sourburst
4. albion_princess

Future Titles
1. Because we love the,"I'm dangerous but you still wanna call me daddy' stare.

• Derek Shepherd {Grey's Anatomy} #45

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Member list:
1. Eternal Flame
2. Beatriz
3. Brilliant Disguise
4. senseless
5. diavoletta89
6. thegreenlight
7. -Louise-
8. ColdLinoleum
9. Xtacy
10. mcdreamylover
11. joiefanforever
12. HotPink44
13. just joy
14. xologanandacexo
15. Liz01
16. crazy_jadey_baby
17. angelface211
18. McLena
19. Karen H.
20. kas3490
21. _virgo_
22. angelchelle1017
23. greysanatomyfan05
24. XrachXcoreX
25. BeautifulMistakex
26. Dani__
27. *~Sophia~*
28. Leneoth
29. Nastyness
30. Bella Cullen
31. Nymph Marty
32. fozzy81
33. Tears of an Angel
34. WalaBridget
35. StuffofLegendsMD80
36. hellojojo123
37. I_Wish_I_Were_Kerry
38. PatrickDempseyRocks
39. Ash_lost
40. Eve_
41.- Nina -
42. LenaMD
43. fragileღheart
44. mcdreamy_fangirl
45. Missygurl88
46. juliakr
47. TheShepherds
48. loyal2usa
49. bluedolphin23
50: ellenspompeo
51. gladluvgrey
52. Alisha Daniels
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Please Welcome Our New Affiliate 'Riverdale Source'!

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Please welcome Riverdale Source, its owner and members, to FanForum and this board,
and feel free to visit this great blog for lots of interesting posts relating to Riverdale and its cast.

You can find the link to the blog at the bottom of this forum and also on our affiliates page here under 'Riverdale'.

We've posted about our new affiliation on :ff: Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to share those where you have an account :)

P.S. Mods, please keep this topped for one week.

Hayden | Harvard Hottie {The Nanny Diaries} #1: “For the purpose of this field diary, let’s just call him ‘Harvard Hottie’...”

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Hayden | Harvard Hottie
{The Nanny Diaries} #1


A college graduate (Scarlett Johansson) goes to work as a nanny for a rich New York family. Ensconced in their home, she has to juggle their dysfunction, a new romance (Chris Evans), and the spoiled brat in her charge.